Nikon CoolPix P900

I recently purchased the very popular Nikon CoolPix P900. This is an awesome “compact” camera that offers record-breaking 83x optical zoom lens. The range it covers is equivalent to 24mm to 2000mm on a 35mm camera so basically it covers wide angle to telescope range on a light weight portable camera.
With this camera, you will be able to zoom in on subjects like bird, wild life, tiny creatures like fiddler crabs or distance subject like moon surface that are not possible even with expensive camera and long lens.

The quality of image cannot be compared to professional camera and lens like 200mm/F2.8 or 300mm/F2.8 but the image is good enough for most usages.

Beside still images, you will be able to capture video that is only possible with this camera.

Below are some images and videos captured with this outstanding camera from my first couple weeks of shooting.

Wide angle shot of the sunrise:

Zoom in to the middle span of the bridge which is miles away:

Far end of the bridge:

These birds are very sensitive. They will be scared away with our little movement so the P900 comes in handy when we would like to take this type of pictures.

The tiny little fiddler crab is about half an inch large and they will hide in their hole when we approach them. With P900, we can shoot from distance without attract their attention.

And the video of the cute little fiddler crab busy eating sand.

Nikon CoolPix P900 is without a doubt a winner. It just enables us to take many images that are otherwise impossible even with high end expensive camera system.

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