Where to learn photography?

There are many places/options where you can learn photography.

With digital camera and internet, photography knowledge has become much more affordable to learn and much more accessible to everyone.

Learn from photography books.

There are tons of photography books out there. Try to start with your local library, the books there may be old but you will still learn a lot from those books as the fundamental of photography does not changed much. The basic of getting proper exposure is critical regardless whether it is film or digital. You can also go visit your local book store to browse through the more up-to-date books and magazines. Subscribe to monthly magazine is also a good idea as most magazines will cover different basic fundamentals and new techniques in each issue. Online book store is another option to search for good photography books and you can read the review before buying.

Learn from the internet and YouTube

Nowadays you can learn almost anything from the internet. Just do a search in Google or YouTube and you can find many tutorials and tips and many of them are free of charge.  However, the free information available sometime is less organized and less comprehensive compared to paid version of online courses, videos and DVDs. There are also many free eBooks available online thanks to many generous contributors who are willing to share their knowledge.

Learn from local photography society and social media group

In most towns or cities, there are local photography societies that offer basic photography classes that are either free or at a low price for their members.  Try to find out what photography societies are available in your area. It will be also beneficial just to join the outing or photograph sharing session.

With the popularity of social media like Facebook, it is easier than before to find groups of people having same interests and passion as you. Create a Facebook account if you have not, you can search within Facebook to find photography groups that are active in your area. It will be fun just to learn from each other.

Attend photography workshop

Another option for you is to attend photography workshops. This might cost more but a good workshop from the pro will be worth the price. Depends on topic, the workshop could be 1 day workshop, 2 day workshop to maybe a whole week. Do your research for the workshops available in your area and pay attention to the feedback or review, especially feedback from your society members or group members.

There are also many online workshops, some are free and some charge quite a bit but typically online workshop will be less expensive.

One of the well-known names of online photography course is CreativeLive. Most of their online courses are scheduled on weekend. All you need to do is register in advance and spare a couple days of your time. Creativelive features top professional photographers from various fields including world class professional wedding photographers, commercial photographers, fashion photographers, portrait and family photographers. Other topics like photoshop editing, retouching and many other courses related to photography knowledge, post-production, photography business are also available. Check out their website for coming courses and you can watch it live free. Yes, all the courses are free to watch when they broadcast it live. If you like the course, you can opt to purchase the DVDs at a reasonable price.

Where to learn photography? There are certainly many other places and options you can start learning photography including going to college if you are serious about making photography as your career.

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