Where to get free pictures for blogs?

Where to get free pictures for blogs?

A picture tells a thousand words!  That is very true, a relevant picture will help give the reader idea what the blog or article is all about. That is why many bloggers like to add pictures to their post. Beside this, the colour and shapes in the pictures will also make the post more visual pleasing, more engaging and help the post stands out from the rest.

The question is where do we find pictures that are relevant and free to use? Although we can easily find tons of pictures in the internet by clicking o f a button, we must carefully select pictures that are relevant to our topics and more importantly make sure they are copy right free before using them on our blog.

Below are some places where you can find free pictures. Make sure you carefully check from the sites the licensing, usage restriction, terms and condition on any pictures you plan to use in your blog.


  1. XCHNG : Considered by many as the world’s leading free stock photo site. Hundreds of thousands of free stock photos available. You can search by categories or by keywords.


  1. Flickr: A place where many people store and share pictures online.

It is a good resource for pictures but the pictures belong to each individual member. Check the Creative Commons license of each picture before use. Some can only be used for non-commercial purposes, some require you give the photographers credit, etc.


  1. Dreamtime: A micro stock site which also has a free section that offers free stock photos. Check out their easy to use interface. Can’t find what you are looking for? You can opt for paying a small fee and there are tons of high resolution pictures available here.


  1. StockVault: A site offers more than 38,000 free pictures


  1. FreeRangeStock: A site where photographers shares their pictures for free but rewards with the site’s advertisement revenue.


  1. Google creative commons image search: Use Google’s image search to find creative common image. Go to google image search’s advanced image search option and under the usage rights choose “free to use, share, even commercially” for example.


  1. Microsoft’s Office.com offers some nice free pictures and clip arts.


  1. FreePhoto: A site that offers > 130,000 free pictures for private non-commercial use on the internet.


  1. Wylio: A site that let you find free pictures for your blog. A relatively new site but the search is easy to use.


  1. Lastly, why not capture the picture yourself? With high quality, high resolution digital camera getting cheaper and cheaper, it may be good idea to invest in a camera, the basic fundamental knowledge of digital photography as well as photo editing. Check back often for information on these topics.

Well, there are many other sites that offer free pictures but the list above should help you get started and know where to get free pictures for blog.