Angle of View

Change your angle of view. Do not always shoot at your eye level.

The angle of view we are talking here is not how much area the lens can cover but rather the view difference caused by pointing the angle of the camera and lens.

When taking photo, most people will just hold the camera at their eye level while standing straight, that is why most photos’ angle of view looks similar. What we need to do is from time to time change the angle of view by trying low angle and high angle to get different perspective.

Below are some examples of low angle shot. As you can see, low angle shot can really bring a strong visual impact. Note that the low-angle shots are not purely bottom-up, horizontal angle shots close to the ground from the main subject can also be regarded as a low-angle shot.

p27   p26



These are shot from camera level very close to the ground and pointing upwards. Combine with using wide angle lens, the images emphasise and exaggerate the distance and the how high the beach volleyball players or the lion dancer jump.

Another useful tip is when photographing kids or pets, try lowering you camera level until same level as them. Shoot at their eye level to see their world instead of very common and boring adults’ view point from high to low.

p21 p22


A nice bonus for lowering your camera level is you will get nice reflection if the surface of the floor is shining and reflective as shown in the photo below. The trick is moving your camera very close to the shinning surface as if the camera almost touching surface.


See how wonderful the reflection is that add interests to the image.

High angle shots are basically taken by camera level relatively higher than the main subjects and usually pointing downwards.

Below are some examples of high angle shot.




For some sport event like the dragon boat race in the photo above, it is nice to move to higher ground to shoot from top so that the subjects (dragon boats in this case) are separated instead of merging together when shot from same level as the boat.


Photography is art, but it is also like science that requires different experiments and many attempts to find the right angle and composition. Have fun, go out and try shooting from different angles that you never tried before.

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